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Here are details of my recently released book on Amazon Kindle. Creatures of Circumstance is a romance with a twist and also a mystery, which spans five years.

Had her condition not been misdiagnosed, lonely psychiatrist, Luciano McKinnon, would never have met Kate and fallen in love with her when she was admitted to the psychiatric unit where he worked as a consultant.  Kate's two children would not have been put into care and the lives of her parents, Emma and Bill and her younger sister, Holly, would not have been thrown into turmoil. 


Creatures of Circumstance embraces love, loss and family secrets. It is about one family member whom they all thought was dead, suddenly making an appearance. About a secret which has remained  hidden for decades.


    It can be downloaded directly from this link.






             FEMME FATALE 


      In 2014, I published this collection of short tales  which  was well received on both sides of the        Atlantic.

 There are fourteen tales,  with some surprises and they encompass deception, fantasy, mystery, murder, phobia, loneliness, mistaken identity and more.

FEMME FATALE itself, explores the strange things going on in a sleepy, coastal village. A number of young men go missing after the arrival of mysterious Jessica Witherington. Some believe her to be a witch, a temptress with strange powers. Is it just a coincidence or has it something to do with this enigmatic woman?     Greg Burrows from the Gazette, is sent to investigate and is warned to be vigilant.






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